Class of 2000.

Yeah, I know Facebook. You keep reminding me of my 10 year high school reunion.

I feel so old. Ten years. I mean, I am married, have two kids, financially stable, own a home. I’m everything I imagined I would be at my ten year reunion. But I’m so much hipper than that.

Decision: Do I attend? They want to do it at the homecoming game this fall.
1.  I never once went to any sporting event during high school.  Didn’t play.  Didn’t care.
2.  I never even went to pep assembly.  Or any assembly.  That was my escape to get myself a mocha latte from Starbucks with a couple friends.*

*Don’t read into that too much, I was a B-average student.  Didn’t drink, do drugs.  Just coffee houses.

Facebook has been my source for finding the friends I lost over the years.  400+ photos of old crushes. Old elementary, jr. high and high school teachers. Parents of old friends. There all there and can easily be found.

A few people have found me and I have no idea who they are. A few guy-friends have confessed to having little crushes on me back in the day! And why didn’t you speak up then? I have shown off my children on Facebook. I have seen others children and see little miniature versions of their parents. I have looked at all the girls that were pregnant in my class to see how everything worked out for them (and their 10+ year olds).

Do we really need a reunion? Isn’t facebook the reunion? If I want to see you in person, I will. I guess I’m still scared of the cliques. The jocks. The nerds. The artsy ones. The drama theatre ones. The cheerleaders/dancers.  The goth ones.  All in their groups. I was never in any of those groups. I was a wallflower.

I’m probably wrong.  I hope I’m wrong.

I could totally see my best friend, Patti, and I showing up and then escaping.  Sitting at the ol’ coffee house, or bar, and just being ourselves talking about life. Cheers to us for getting out of that place ten years ago.


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