What the ****?!

So I finally got Emma to help me pick up the basement.  Either she helps pick up the millions of toys or she goes to bed. Ta-da! Instant help!
We were pretty much done when I look at her Elmo chair.  I see a black thing on it.  I thought it was poop or something so I get a pen and flip it.  Then I saw the beak.  It was an EFFING BIRD’S HEAD. Just the effing head, no body.  

Emma screamed b/c I screamed and she asks, “Is it dead??!?!”
I told her “Ew!! Yes, it’s dead!!! WHY ISN’T YOUR DADDY HERE?!?!?!”
Of course.  Scott is gone on business.  Again.  And in 68 degree weather, I might add.
My next move was to decide which dog did it.

Dog #1:  The labrador retriever, Bailey.  She is a bird-dog.  She is used to retrieving birds for Scott when hunting.  It’s her passion.  She will do anything to “hunt”.  Although, she knows her birds.  She stares down ducks, geese, and whatever else Scott hunts.  She does not care for “tweedie birds” in the backyard.  She is not a violent dog either.  It’s a freaking lab.  She attacks by licking your face raw.

Dog #2:  The Yorkie poo, Belle.  The whole 5 pounds of her.  She could not possibly kill a bird.  No freaking way.  She’s so tiny.  Can she really take a bird down?  She is too cute to hold a dead anything in her mouth anyway.  Although, her personality is very cat-like.  She sniffed out where the mice were in our home a few months ago.

I can usually tell when Bailey is guilty.  I will ask nicely and point at the evidence.  Bailey will either look at me and wag her tail (innocent) or drop her head down, tuck her tail and walk away (Guilty).  What did Bailey do when I asked?  GUILTY.

I got a baggie and *gag* pick it up and throw it outside.

Belle goes busting out the door and picks it up in her mouth while outside. I slam the door on her.  I had to double check her mouth when I let her back in.

I will never know who brought in the bird’s head.  The jury is still out.

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