Basketball…a new love.

Growing up, I didn’t have any affiliation with a college.  I never watched college sports.

When it was time to decide where to apply, all I knew was I wanted to go to a big school.  I had the option of looking into Mizzou, but I felt bad for the out-of-state tuition thing.  KU was completely out of the question.  My dad is a Mizzou fan.  I quote, “If you want to go to KU, then that university will have to pay for the whole ride b/c I’m not paying a cent to them.”

Hello Manhattan, Kansas!

I quickly fell in love with the town, the people, Aggieville.  And football.  Oh, K-State and their football.  Luckily, I grew up a Chiefs fan so I know the game well.  I got iCAT tickets every year.  Watched some memorable games from the student section.  Saw Bill Snyder stopped at a red light next to me and I started screaming like a saw a huge celebrity.  Football is so natural for me to love and cheer for.

Basketball during my day at college?  What basketball? We had a basketball team?  I think the women’s basketball team was pretty good…I think.

Now, it’s a different era.  Scott informed me hiring Huggins was huge for K-State basketball.  Since then, it has snowballed into basketball madness for K-State fans.
At first, I was not too excited.  I don’t follow basketball.  I had no idea how the game is played really.  I would ask Scott questions like “so they fouled someone on purpose? Why would they do that?”

Now, I’ve gotten obsessed.  I’m on every day reading the forums.  We went to the Texas game a few weeks ago, with beards.  My heart was racing the entire time.  While, I’m still not a complete expert on basketball, I have found a new love.

And with that, I give you a conversation with Emma:

Emma: Mommy, where’d you get those pants?
Me: I bought them before I went to K-State.
Emma: You lived at K-State?
Me: Uh huh.
Emma:  Did you see Frank Martin?
Me: (laughing) No, I didn’t see him then.  He wasn’t there.  But I saw Bill Snyder! 
Emma: Mommy, he’s a legend.
Me: I know.
Emma:  I saw Bill Snyder.  I saw him with Papa.  I was really sweaty.  
(I sit and ponder this…she was talking about the game we went to with my dad last fall.  It was really really hot that day.  She remembers it, amazingly.  There is another story behind this. I’ll blog about later.)
Emma: Mommy, did daddy live in K-State.
Me: Yep. I met him at K-State. We lived there.
Emma: You didn’t live at my house?
Me: No, we lived at our houses in Manhattan, K-State.
Emma:  Did Frank Martin get mad?
Me: (laughing) No, he wasn’t there when daddy was there either.
Emma: Why does Frank Martin get mad?
Me: Because he wants the Cats to win.  He has passion.
Emma:  (Gives Frank Martin stare.) 
Me: Do you want to live at K-State too?
Emma: I want to see Frank Martin get mad.  He has passion.

That’s my girl!!!!  Go CATS!!

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