A silver lining…

Worst week ever.  Scott is out of town all week.
Kate gets a cold before he leaves.  I could handle that.  Then I wake up with a sore throat.  Downhill from there…Emma got the cold.  For one entire day, all three of us had colds.  Awful, nasty colds too.  Not just the sniffles.

Yesterday was the first day we all got over it.  Then Emma wakes up throwing up.  And throwing up.  And throwing up.  Give her some water.  Throws it up.  Give her sprite.  Throws it up. A popsicle. Throws it up.  Get the picture?  She threw up right until she went to bed for the night. And the whole day she told me she was sooo hungry.  I was helpless.

I’ve gathered a list on the good that came from this awful week:

1.  Currently, I have the cleanest, most disinfected bathrooms in all of the KC metro area.
2.  Currently, the girls toys are the cleanest they have ever been.
3.  I have finally put to good use every single t-shirt I have.  I have gone through all of them.
4.  I am a master at catching puke in my hands.  My hand-eye coordination is probably as good as a baseball players.
5.  Since I paid so much attention to Emma yesterday, Kate has mastered going up the stairs.  All by herself.  *Note, need to get the baby gates out.
6.  And my final “good” that has come from this is actually good for Scott.  When he walks in that door tonight, I will completely throw myself at him.  I will be so grateful to see his face.  Although, I might already be in bed by the time he gets here.  At least I have good intentions. haha.

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