Oh Emma.


A few days ago, I took Emma to get some ice cream at the grocery store.  She points to the stop sign and says “Mommy, what does that octagon say?”.  I started laughing hysterically and asked “did you just say octagon?”  And she said “yes, what does that octagon say?” I told her “stop”.  Now every time she sees a stop sign she says “That octagon says stop. STOP! (holds out her hand like she is stopping traffic.)”
Emma: Mommy, I need to get beautiful.  Give me some diamonds.
Emma:  Mommy, sorry for kicking you when I was in your tummy.  Did that hurt?

2 thoughts on “Oh Emma.

  1. >OMG!!! I can't wait for Emersyn to say stuff like this. Her new favorite word is Poop, and Good Girl. So I think we might be headed down the same road as you and Emma! I can't believe you didn't tell her that the octogon (which you must do an AWESOME job teaching her if she knows what it is) said "DOOM" on it. Tell her that it is for ksu basketball! HA HA!! Keep these coming, I knew when I saw the title it was going to be good.


  2. >She knows now. She said this before basketball season! No worries 🙂 She asked me why Frank Martin gets mad, and I told her b/c he has passion. Now she tells everyone "Frank Martin gets mad b/c he has passion."


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