The Lost Symbol

By Dan Brown

I love Dan Brown.  I can’t help but love him when I’m interested in history… especially conspiracy theories.

I have all his books in hardcover b/c I buy them as soon as they come out.  I just can’t wait for the paperback.  I started reading his books while I lived in Charleston, SC.  Someone left “Angels and Demons” on an eliptical at the gym I worked at.  I made of note of it in lost and found and took it home and read it.  I was done in a matter of days.  Amazing how fast I can read without kids.

The thing I always wonder after I read a Dan Brown book is what do deeply religious people think of his books?  Do they blow his books off as complete fiction?  Do they respect him as an author?  Do they agree with his point of view when it comes to spirituality?

The Lost Symbol is just as good as the rest.  Two thumbs up from me.  I could re-read it again and not be bored.

2 thoughts on “The Lost Symbol

  1. >The church I went to when The Davinci code came out did a whole series about it, pretty interesting, we look at the book as fiction but there are some facts he used throughout, we studied a lot of them in the series, very interesting. I found the book and movie very entertaining and I have not read any others, maybe I could borrow some?


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