It’s official: they fight.

These precious little things I call my daughters have started it.  They really fight.

I was vacuuming upstairs while Kate and Emma were playing with toys/watching TV in the living room.

I’m in my room and I hear Kate scream (over the noise of the vacuum).  Not a normal scream, but the “I’m in pain” scream then immediate crying.

I run down there and I hear Emma scream at her “KIT. TEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! EEEEEEEEEE!!!! NOOOOO!!!”

I get to them and see nothing is wrong.  Kate is reaching for a toy Emma has.  I asked Emma what happened.

Emma: I am playing with this toy.
Me: Did you take it from Kate? It’s Kate’s toy.
Emma: Yes, I took it from her. Here kitty. (gives her another toy)
Kate: screams, high pitch

I grab the toy from Emma and give it to Kate.  Kate starts playing with it.

Me: Emma this is Kate’s toy. It’s a baby toy.
Emma: No, it’s MINE.  (Grabs the toy)
Kate: screams, high pitch

It has started: They’re fighting.  

This is the beginning of the stage where I want to pull my hair out.

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