I have spent close to $500 on my new cell phone.  2 cell phones to be exact.  All within about a week and half.

Long story short, I spilled coffee on my original phone.  Got a new phone.  Washed that phone in the washer with my clothes.  Got a new phone.  I’m mad that I have spent so much on cell phone all within about a week.

So I tell everyone my whole story, rampaging about there should be water proof cell phones.

Based off that whole episode, I composed a list of things someone needs to invent:

1.  Water proof, kid proof, indestructible cell phones.
2.  A timer showing how long you must wait for a train to pass.  Hey, I’m from Olathe….
3.  A light gradient on the back of cars showing if the person in front of you is merely tapping their brakes or slamming on them.
4.  Some kind of “oven” in the walls in the bathroom.  Pop your towel, clothes, pjs, whatever in there.  Hit the button in the shower when you know you’re about 30 seconds from getting out.  And boom, toasty warm clothes and towel.  (I’ve tried the towel warmer and those suck)

I asked Scott “what could someone invent to make your life easier?” This is his response:

1.  A stop-nagging pill
2.  A no hang-over pill
3.  A pill to make bike riders stay on the sidewalk and not the streets. (That is his biggest pet peeve…don’t get him started)
4.  A pill for this, a pill for that, etc….

He clearly does not know what the word “invention” means.
But if we’re gunna go with “pills” I would like some kind of good-tasting liquid to give my kids instead of shots.  That’s not asking too much, is it?

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