So the book my mom got me…

So for my birthday my mom/dad got me a book as part of my presents.

The book title:  I hope they serve beer in hell by Tucker Max
I called my mom upon looking at it.  I mean really.  Look at the cover.
She said she read the first chapter at some bookstore and said it looked hilarious.  And she wanted to borrow it when I was done.
Really mom? Do I look like a 20 year old frat guy?
So I started reading it, just to read the first chapter to see why she thought it was so funny.
The first chapter was ok funny.  Reminded me of a “college story” that Scott or his friends would tell.  It’s funny…but college was so long ago and we’ve grown up some.
I kept reading…
Each chapter is a complete true story from his life.  Each story involves alcohol and sex.
I really hate the book.   And I really love the book.
I hate the book b/c he is such an asshole.  He treats women like objects.  His main objective is sex.  He is conceited.  This is the type of guy I avoided in college.  He is always ready to get drunk and get a woman in bed.  All he cares about is how he looks to his friends based on who he’s slept with.  You know the type.
On the other hand….I have never laughed so hard in my entire life while reading a book.  Ever.
As I get further along in the book, it only gets funnier.  A couple nights ago, Scott actually told me to “shut up” b/c he was trying to sleep.  I was shaking the bed b/c I was trying to laugh to myself without busting out in complete hysterical laughter.  The kind of laughter that makes you cry.  I seriously had to leave the room and wipe off my eyes to laugh some more.  I feel like I did 100 sit ups the next day.
I have read a few chapters to Scott and he thought it was a little too funny.  He said this guy made everything up.  I don’t know about that.  It doesn’t matter.  It is hilarious.
I guess they made a movie that completely flopped.  I am not even interested in the movie.  The way he writes is entertaining enough–even though I hate his personality.  I don’t know how exactly he pulls this off.  Is that even possible for an author?    I still haven’t finished the book.  I am looking forward to another chapter tonight.

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