Oh Emma.

Emma told me today that she “will not get dressed until she sees a dinosaur.”
I have no idea where this dinosaur idea came from.  I told her she was born a couple million years too late.

Some more Emma sayings I have stored up:

Emma: Will kate have curly hair?
Me: I don’t know…she might have straight hair or wavy hair or curly hair like you.
Emma: I don’t have curly hair mommy.
Me: You don’t? What is your hair then?
Emma: My hair is just crazy.


So we’re in the car yesterday and Emma says she has a booger.  So I tell Scott to give her a napkin out of the glovebox.  As he’s giving it to her, she says “Daddy says just wipe it on the carseat.”
So Scott takes Emma to Bass Pro tonight.  Emma keeps telling him “Daddy, I’m sooo tired.”  Scott yells at her to stay awake. Then she says “I’m just gunna close my eyes for a little bit.”  He tells her no, stay awake.  They pass a Starbucks and her eyes light up, she says “Oh, we stopping by Starbucks?” 
Me: Emma, you look so pretty.
Emma: No mom, you are pretty.
Me: I know.  But you are pretty too.
Emma: No mom, I’m not pretty. I’m beautiful. I’m just beautiful mommy. You’re just pretty.

2 thoughts on “Oh Emma.

  1. >OMG Julie, I totally forgot you had a blog until I was cleaning out my hotmail message and saw where you sent the site to me. I'm am laughing so hard right now that I have tears in my eyes! Partly b/c of the things you do with your kids and what they say and mostly b/c it is so similar to our own children and the fact that Scott and Will are exactly the SAME! Lorle


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