It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Everywhere you go…in our house.

I am one of those people that call in to Star 102 and tell them how happy I am they started Christmas music on November 2nd.  Ok, I didn’t really call in but I am really happy when they start it.

I start to take down the fall/halloween decorations November 1st.  I’ll leave a few pumpkins out…maybe.
That doesn’t last long.  Usually by Nov 15th-ish I have all the Christmas decorations out and up.  Scott hates it.  I hear “It’s not even Thanksgiving!” over and over.  Not from Scott, but from a lot of people.

But not from my immediate family.  I will get a text from my mom the second the radio stations start playing Christmas music.  I will text my sisters when I hear Christmas music early in a store.  My sister is the first on her block to put up lights on the house.  Growing up, we were used to taking down the halloween and going straight to Christmas decorations.  We all have Hallmark ornaments dating back to 1981.  My dad went crazy on our house with lights.  We were the best in the neighborhood.  Clark Griswold style.

To me, the whole month of November and December is “the holidays”.  It’s thanksgiving, birthdays and Christmas.  We celebrate each one on it’s respected days like any normal family.  I just like all the Christmas smells, the way the house looks with a huge tree with lights.  Decorating come easily to me.  Any other time, I have no idea how to decorate the house.  The music is comforting.  It makes me feel happy and loved.  I love all the shopping.  Trying to find something everyone really likes.  Online shopping is my new favorite thing to do.  And Christmas time with kids is the greatest ever.  It is like re-living all my childhood memories.  Santa, making our own traditions, begging daddy to put up lights on the house, shopping for others, cookies!

As we get closer and closer to Thanksgiving, I am seeing everyone else catching up with me.  I love the day after Thanksgiving because we can all (of Christian faith) be on the same page.  And the day after Thanksgiving is my birthday 🙂

I swear, if I hear “it’s not even thanksgiving” one more time….

Some pictures 🙂

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