Mickey and Minnie…you are unwelcome here.

Get out of my house!!!

We have mice in our house.  Toni, our cat, is living in Wichita for awhile.  Now I really know the phrase “when the cat is away, the mice will play.”

I put out the “house” traps out around our house a few days ago.  I like the “house” ones b/c
1. I don’t want to see them dead.
2. We have Belle, a very small dog, that loves peanut butter and will get snapped if we put the snap traps out.

Those have been out for two days now.  Nothing.
We have actually seen the mice running around at night while we’re watching TV.  It’s disgusting.  I hate walking around our house in the dark now.  I’m scared to put my slippers on.

The mice have found our pantry and completely destroyed my protein powder I use for shakes.  There was poop and pee everywhere along the floor.

Scott got fed up and bought the old school snap traps.  He put them in places where Belle can’t get to.  Inside the pantry, in the garage, under our armoire.  Still nothing.  Haven’t caught one mouse!

It’s really making me mad.  I want them out of here.  At first, I told Scott to just trap them, but keep them alive and throw them in a field or something.  Now, I want them dead.  I want them tortured.  I’m on a mission to kill.

It’s so gross to think they getting their little mouse hands on our food and the dog food all while peeing and pooping everywhere.  I feel like I have a dirty house.  It’s like having a house that’s infested with fleas or head lice or something.   You would think I have an unsanitary house and live in dirty conditions.  I feel like my house is so trashy.  I swear I’m cleaner than most.  We are not slobs!!

And I’m going to have to end with that…Kate is awake from her nap.

One thought on “Mickey and Minnie…you are unwelcome here.

  1. >I feel your pain! I felt bad about killing the mice too but after looking at the poop and my chewed on pantry door I want them dead also. It does make you feel like you are dirty. My house if clean too. I've heared a lot of people are having trouble!


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