Mission: Family Sleep

Kate is a little over 6 months old.  She went to her 6 month check-up yesterday.  Everything went fine…got weighed, measured, routine questions, shots.

When I got home, I looked over the hand-outs they give at each well-baby check up.  I get to the section regarding a 6 month olds sleep habits:

“A 6 month old baby can sleep up to 10-12 hours at night.  Nighttime feeds are not necessary at this age; in fact, it’s discouraged….When you feed your baby in the middle of the night, you are training her to be a nighttime crier…Treatment of the nighttime crier consists of brief visits to ensure safety and dry diaper.  Leave the room.  She will likely intensify crying when you leave, but prolonged crying will not physically or psychologically harm your baby.”

Well, Miss Kate is definitely in this “nighttime crier” category.  Most nights she will wake up at midnight, 3-4am, 5-6 am, then around 8am and stay awake.  Sometimes she will give me a break and sleep a good 6 or 7 hours.  Most nights, no.

With Emma, the same thing happened.  I didn’t get Emma to sleep 12 hours until she was close to a year old.  Or even 6 hours.  She was a terrible, terrible nighttime sleeper.  We would do the “cry it out” thing with Emma at around 9 months.  I had no idea that most kids slept through the night by this age.  Emma would cry for 45 minutes at a time.  We would go in there, pat her back.  She’d fall asleep for, oh, maybe 30 minutes then be back crying again for the majority of the next hour.   It was complete hell.  I went almost a whole year with not one 8-9 hour stretch of sleep.  

So I am completely dead set on getting Kate to sleep through the night.  She went down around 8pm.  She woke up at 11pm, 1am, 3am then again at 7am.  I let her cry through each one.  Thank the LORD, she only cried about 10 minutes each time.  I heard her talking in her crib at 7am, I ran in there b/c my boobs were in so much pain.  Plus, they felt like rock solid boulders.  You would think she would nurse quickly b/c she is so hungry…but no, she would nurse, look around, Ooo and Ahh, then nurse again.  I was dying.  She didn’t nurse for long on either side.  She’s been happy all day.  My boobs are still in pain as I speak.

Wish us luck from here on out….I could really use the sleep with two kiddies now.

Hopefully, tonight she will cry less and start to sleep through the night for good.  I can’t even imagine how nice it would be to finally get some good sleep!

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