Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Flying on an airplane is really not fair to parents with small children.

The rolling of eyes.  The mean looks from the person in front of you.  The Shhhh’ing.

We flew when Emma was about a year. All I remember are the bad parts. We had to run through the airport to catch our connecting flight.  The plane was waiting for us.  I could feel everyone staring at this little 14 month old, crying in my arms as we made our way to the LAST row on the plane.  Scott thought the DVD player was like a laptop and if you put the top down, it shuts off.  Not the case.  He ran the entire battery on the previous flight.  We had nothing to calm her down but a few toys.  So that screaming crying kid was us.  We had our arms tied.  I felt so trapped in a small space, no windows b/c the last row never has windows.  I vowed NEVER AGAIN would I fly with a small child.

We decided this year for Thanksgiving and my birthday–which falls on Black Friday–we would see Mark and Ashley in Texas.  Scott’s brother and his wife.  Scott was hesitant, really hesitant.  I thought when we got our tickets, it won’t be so bad.  If Kate got fussy, I could nurse her.  Usually solves any problem with Kate.  As far as Emma, I think she is old enough to understand that she needs to be somewhat quiet.

Then today, I found this article about this mom and son being kicked off a plane for the son being throwing a huge fit.  Egh, I started to doubt myself.  I continued reading this article and saw they had a poll at the end, they asked if you agree with Southwest for kicking the mom/son off the plane.  A whooping 76% said YES!  I really think this 76% are people who don’t have kids or have never traveled with kids.  And honestly, before I had my own kids, I probably would have said yes too.  But now that I have them, I know sometimes there is absolutely NOTHING the parents can do.  It is horrible.  I feel sorry for those parents now.  Sometimes, we have to travel with kids.  We don’t like it and don’t want to but it’s the quickest way to travel now.  What else are we supposed to do?

I’m still fairly confident that I can keep Kate quiet with her two favorites “things” in the world.
Emma…um…I’m about 75% confident.  My mother-in-law offered to fly with us to outnumber the girls if needed.  We may just need her more than we think because we are flying on 2 of the busiest travel days of the year.  Eghhh….

My sister-in-law told me she would have a margarita ready for me the second we land.  🙂

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