The swine flu.

As a mom, it is bound to be written about at some point.

Emma got a high fever last week and she said her head hurt.  She was extremely drowsy.  So tired, in fact, she walked to her room in the middle of the afternoon, tucked herself in bed and slept for hours.  Very un-Emma-like.  She was pretty much over it within 24 hours.

We went almost a week without anyone getting sick.  So I thought we were in the clear.

Then Saturday comes.  Kate gets a high fever.  102-103 degrees at any given time.  The tylenol wasn’t bringing it down at all.  Not even for an hour.  She slept all weekend.  Kate couldn’t nurse at all b/c she was so congested.  It was impossible for her to breathe out of her nose.  Her breathing was getting short and intermittent.  I call a friend–who is a nurse practitioner and who happens to live less than 1 minute away from me–and she had me count respirations among other things.  She said it’s probably viral and if I take her to the hospital they will most likely run a bunch of tests that are unneeded.  We had to wait it out…
Finally, Sunday night, her fever broke and she started to breathe better.  Today she was about 80% back to her normal self.  Ate every spoonful of oatmeal and baby food.  Poor girl was starving.

I have no idea if this was swine flu or regular flu.  I think I heard or read that doctors won’t even test for swine flu anymore.  I couldn’t even tell you the difference between the two other than one can be dangerous if it mutates.  If it was swine flu, are the girls protected from it now?  Does Kate even need a shot for it anymore?  

I’m not the type of person to freak out over germs.  We’re good at hand washing but that is about it.  Normally, it doesn’t bother me to touch door handles or shopping carts or even putting a layer down on a public toliet (I swear I’m the only one that will admit that).  But today, I got freaked out at Target.  I have antibacterial wipes and I wiped everything down in the cart.  I wash Emma and my own hands triple what we used to.  It’s driving me completely crazy. I debate whether to take the girls out…I sit and think how bad do I really need more half and half? Can I get by with milk in my coffee for a little longer?

I am just praying that this is the last of it for my girls for the season…actually, for the rest of their lives, but that might be asking too much.  Would it look crazy to keep them in a bubble?

One thought on “The swine flu.

  1. >Ah! It is so scary, that makes me worry about Anna even more. She is not showing signs of the flu but Katelyn is just getting over it. . a whole week? I am so glad the girls are feeling better. Sick kids are so sad. Hang in there.


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