My fashion sense is shot.

So it’s that time of year when I can officially put away all the summer clothes and bring out the winter stuff. I got Emma and Kate’s closets all ready for winter. I got out our space heater for the basement. It will be our first full winter with a finished basement. I’m really tempted to start the Christmas music and get out Christmas decorations…but I’m holding back. (I keep telling myself, we haven’t been to the pumpkin patch yet, don’t start the Christmas music. Don’t start the Christmas music.)
I even turned my own closet upside down and made piles to give away to charity or sisters or cousins. I still have stuff from high school. Which I still fit into but it’s really out of date. I realized that I have no idea what exactly is in style now. Are short shorts still in style? Or has everyone gone to the bermuda-style shorts? And if short shorts will still be in style next summer, am I too old to be wearing them? I know I’m only 27, but I have two kids and that makes me feel old.
What should I be wearing this winter? I have tons of sweatshirts and long sleeved tees. That’s about it. I rarely shop for myself anymore because 1. I think shopping for the girls is so much more entertaining. 2. For two out of five winters (since getting married/graduating), I have only bought maternity. And 3. I have no idea where to go. I get tired of the plain stuff at Old Navy/Gap/Target. Those little clothing stores in the mall are made for flat chested 13 year olds. If I go to a department store, do I go to Juniors or Women’s? I feel so in between.

And I would like to confess I have no idea what Uggs are. OK, I know what they are…but how do you wear them? Over your pants/under them? Are they ok for snow? Are they meant for just around the house like a slipper? That is how out of the loop I am right now. No idea. Way over my head. Today, I had to go to a baby shower and decided to put on a dressier than what I normally wear shirt. I looked at my selection of winter shoes and I stared at my Doc Martins from high school. They are still in good shape and broken in, comfortable. I put my hand on them and think if I’ve seen anyone wear Doc Martins lately…I start to draw a blank. So I text my go-to person (youngest sister Jenna, who is almost 22).

me: So are the kids these days wearing Doc Martins still?
Jenna: Why?
me: I’m going to a baby shower and about to put them on. Ok thanks.

I later tell Scott this and he just stares at me. Looks at my feet– I ended up wearing what I refer to as “hooker boots”, tall leather boots with a heel and pointed toe. I just got those as a Christmas present from my other sister two years ago. I hope those are still in style at least. Scott says (very seriously), “Please, get rid of the Doc Martins. Why do you still have those? The last person to wear those was in 1998.” Oops.

Good bye Doc Martins 😦

I really did used to have a good fashion sense. I really did. But staying at home for 3, almost 4 years now put an end to that quickly.

Would Scott kill me if I hired a stylist? haha. Or maybe I’ll just be living in Chiefs/KSU sweatshirts and some Nikes all winter. I can look and act the part of the extremely sleep-deprived mom…but at least I’ll be warm and comfortable.

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