I hate hunting.

Ok, I really hate Scott’s hobby.  I hate it with a passion.  He obsesses with it.  He meets other hunters on online forums and actually meets up with them! Ok, that happened like once…but still kinda creepy.  He takes off a least a week of vacation and draws it out even more by using “half days”.  I find all of this completely ridiculous.  Let alone the fact, he actually kills animals, which I’m not too fond of.  I wish he’d actually use all the meat he gets from them so at least they died for a “reason”.  But there is meat sitting in our deep freeze for I don’t know how many years.  He hunts first for the the game of it and second for the meat.  He will make jerky out of the meat and give it out to friends and family.  I’m still not convinced that people actually like his jerky.  I think they’re being polite by taking it.

So that brings me to this next video.  It’s not one of my favorites.  Scott took my camera again and filmed Emma.  I swear he is taking the girl right out of her.  It is slightly funny b/c Scott knows how much I hate his hobby.


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