New shows.

Some of my new favorite shows:

Modern Family: At first I wasn’t interested in this show just b/c I’m not a big fan of “Al Bundy”.  So I didn’t DVR it.  Then my mom told me I have to watch it and she let me watch the season premiere at her house.  Now it’s probably my favorite new show.  It’s hilarious.  Scott’s likes it too.  And the actor that plays the fat gay guy is from Kansas City and graduated from KSU (thanks mom for random trivia).

Cougar Town: I like Courtney Cox.  She is so adorable in this show.  It is also hilarious.

Eastwick:  Ok, I was hesitant about this show too.  Kinda sounded too Desperate Housewives-y when I read about it in TV Guide.  I like it though.  The plot is really dumb…about 3 witches living in a suburban town, yet they don’t know they are witches.  I have a feeling it’s one of those shows that I will love but feel guilty for loving it.

Drop Dead Diva:  This show is on Lifetime and my mom got me hooked.  It actually only has one episode left (on Sunday).  It’s about a girl who died in a car accident but when she was going to heaven, there was a mix up and her “soul” got stuck in another woman’s body.  The actress that plays Jane is amazing.  I actually believe that someone else is in her body.  It’s light and funny.  It is a law show so there I always learn something when I watch it.

I think that is it as far as *new* shows.  Anyone else watching any others that I should be watching?

2 thoughts on “New shows.

  1. >I LOVE the modern family. It is hilarious!!!! Kind of the same format of the office, which is a fav in our house. I also like Glee. It is pretty good. I didn't think I would like it, and might not be devastated if I missed it, but it's worth a shot. Cougar town is great as well. I'll have to DVR the other shows.


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