Midnight Bayou

I picked up this book quickly at the library b/c Kate was crying and Emma wanted to get home to read her new books.  I’ve heard of this author before but have never read any of her books.

Um, why didn’t someone tell me this author writes in the thriller/scary genre???

I couldn’t read the book at night b/c I would get scared.  I thought about returning the book.  But once I start a book, I have to finish it…I need to know how it ends.  I tried to read as much as I could during the day and avoid it at night.

It was a good book, minus the scary southern house, ghosts, spirits invading people’s bodies, a rape, and a murder.  Maybe next time I need to read the back of the book first before checking it out.  Or get a clue that “Midnight Bayou” will not be a book full of sunshine and happiness.  I’ve learned my lesson from now on.  

One thought on “Midnight Bayou

  1. >I have read almost all of her books, that is a favorite of mine! I love scary books. And Lifetime makes so many of her books into movies, like that one!!! Jerry O'Connell plays Declan. You can buy it on itunes.


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