Oh Emma.

Ever since Emma turned 3, she has been talking a mile a minute.  She is quick to pick up what we’re talking about now.  She is also very funny.  I think she knows she’s funny too.  I am so far loving the “3 year old stage”.   I started writing down what she says.  Actually, I write emails to our families telling them what she says and I’ve kept a running list.  Here are some funny ones:

So I’m nursing Kate in her room.  Emma announces she has to go poop. So I tell her that she’ll have to go by herself b/c I’m feeding Kate.  She goes in there and I hear her grunting.  Five or so minutes later, she walks in Kate’s room holding her dress up and her underwear down around her ankles.  She says “Mommy, I pooped a BIG ONE!!  It splashed on my butt!!” Then she turns around and says “Mommy, look! I have a tail!!” There was a wad of toliet paper stuck in b/w her butt cheeks.  HAHAHA.  She runs off saying “Look at my tail, Belle!”
So I’m driving thru Taco Bell this week for lunch after running errands.  I order and get to the window.  It was really nice out, high 70s, so the guy at the window left the window open and I left my car window open.
He took my card and ran it.  Emma says loudly, “What is that guy doing?” And I told her taking our money and getting her tacos.”  
He hands my card back to me and just as the card is placed in my hand, Emma says loudly “Um, he kinda looks like a dog.”  I will never show my face at that Taco Bell again.

(David Cook singing on radio in the car)
Me: Emma, do you know who is singing this song?
Emma: David Cook.
Me: Yes! He’s hot.
Emma: Does he have a sweater on?

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