Bye bye sleep.

Where have I been lately, do you ask?  Trying to catch up on sleep. I’ve been exhausted.  Kate is not sleeping well for the past two nights. Like up every other hour.  She doesn’t take naps very long either.  I cannot sleep when she sleeps b/c I have a three year old that demands my attention at all times of the day.
Scott realized that I was starting to have a full on crash/meltdown if I didn’t get some sleep, like for more than 2 hours at a time.  We try to let her cry it out.  But I can’t sleep when she cries so that doesn’t help me any.  Then Emma wakes up about 15 minutes or so of crying. So we have to put her back to sleep.  Scott got up with Kate 4 times last night.  I got up once to feed her.
Scott got a little taste of what it’s like to actually not sleep through the night. And actually getting up out of bed.  He never did that before unless I asked him to.  He said he can see why I am acting like a zombie lately.  I’ve been doing this since May.  Maybe not up every other hour, but still at least up once a night.

I realize now with two kids, it’s pure exhaustion.  With Emma, I got to sleep when she did.  Emma would also take long afternoon naps.  Emma was more of a shock to our lifestyle more than anything.  Our weekends were forever changed with a baby.  But with baby number 2, the lifestyle didn’t change so much.  Juggling feedings and taking the girls places is easy.  It’s the serious lack of sleep that is killing me.  Slowly killing me. It’s like torture.

I’m going to bed early tonight.  Good night.

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