O’er the land of the free…and the home…of the…CHIEFS!

Ok.  It’s football season.  Tailgating season for my family.  When I say we go tailgating, it’s not just pulling up a few hours before the game and having a few beers and pulling out a teeny tiny little grill.  Oh no.

Chiefs tailgating with my family goes something like this:

5:30am- leave for Arrowhead.
6:00am- arrive at Arrowhead, first in line at the gates.
6:00-9:00am- pre-tailgate while in line. Waiting for the gates to open.  The drinking begins.
8:55am- Everyone is in their cars, honking and yelling at the people at the gate to open the gates and let us in.
9:00am- The gates open, fly down the empty parking lot of Arrowhead to get the our usual spot (around G28).  It’s a long stretch of grass along the street.
9:00:30am- Get our parking spot and we start pulling out the boat trailer-turned grill.  The tent. The generator. The TV. The two heaters if its cold, the side walls if it’s raining. The deep fryer. The appetizers. Keep cracking open those beers.
9:30-11:30am- Drink more beers.  Drink bloody marys (my speciality).  Eat some good ‘ole KC BBQ.  Watch the Mo Hwy Patrol file in one by one.  We feed them in exchange for them keeping at extra eye on our tent while at the game.
11:30am- Walk into Arrowhead. Ticket in hand.
12:00-3:00- Watch game.
3:00-5:00- Post tailgate.  Eat some more.  Drink some more if you’re brave enough.  Then finally pack up and go home.

Here are some visuals:

A boat trailer, turned grill.  Includes a charcoal grill, a “flat” grill for cooking breakfast burritos, a deep fryer, a pull out table and tons of storage for the food.  Hooked up to a generator.
The tailgate. A view from in Arrowhead.
We love the Mo. highway patrol! πŸ™‚
Our cooks.
Taking a shot for my birthday.
As you can see, we know what we’re doing when it comes to tailgating.  We’re those die-hard crazy tailgaters you hear about on tv while watching the game.  It’s been like this since I was in 2nd grade.  There have been many, many memories here.  This is where my dad let me have a beer for the first time.  This is where an actual marriage took place back in the 90s when the Chiefs were good.  (I’m not kidding you.)  This is where Chiefs Cheerleaders come to say hi and take pictures, my sister included for the last two years.  This is where TV stations come to interview.  This where year after year, we get voted one of best tailgates at Arrowhead.
Scott and I had to skip this past weekend b/c we were just too tired to drag the girls out to Arrowhead.  But I heard through the grapevine (aka my mom) that a local tv station, which shall remain nameless, came up and interviewed our pre-tailgate waiting in line.  Got on tv, showed the trailer, blah blah blah.  Later this tv station came back after the real tailgate was set up in our spot.  The reporter pigged out on my mom’s cupcakes and snickerdoodles and then sat and chilled with my mom and aunts.  The camera man drank beer after beer. Got completely wasted.  He was letting girls play with his huge, expensive camera.  My dad invited them back to every Chiefs tailgate including the KSU vs. Iowa St game at Arrowhead.  They agreed to come back…but that may have been the beer talking…
That is just one of many stories that will happen this year.  Chiefs win or lose, we always have fun.  I can’t wait for next year and I can be free from nursing Kate.  Back to attending most if not all of the games.  If you ever have a Chiefs ticket in your hand, you know who to call to attend the greatest tailgate ever at Arrowhead. πŸ™‚

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