My house is haunted.

In a matter of mere days, I have lost the following:

  1. My contact case
  2. Scott’s contact case I used when mine was lost
  3. My backup contact case I put in my “vacation bag”
  4. And now my nail filer — which I just got out, put it on a table and now it disappeared.

I blamed our puppy, Belle, since it sounds like items should would want to chew/hide. I looked in all her hiding spots. Not one single thing.

I did come across the following:

Scott’s used dried up contacts that he just drops on the floor every night. Sick. Eyeball juice.
The Disney Princesses singing on a stage…um, backwards?  Or maybe it’s a dance number.
Snow Whites on a boat. Hey push Flounder back into the ocean! He can’t breathe!
And Ariel taking a nap.
So back to my dilemma: I still can’t find my contact cases or my nail filer.  I’m getting sick of putting my contacts in shot glasses every night.  My house is haunted.  There is a ghost that is taking my stuff just to make me mad.  Or I have a puppy that is really, really good at hiding things.
I have an eye appointment on Monday so I’ll get a new contact case.  I guess I’ll have to buy a new nail filer now.  They are gone forever. Like the dead.

2 thoughts on “My house is haunted.

  1. >So I found one of my contact cases…actually Scott did. He said there was one that appeared in his car on the passenger seat out of nowhere. Um…it's a ghost. I'm convinced.


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