It’s an Aunt JJ weekend!

My sister, Jessica, is not like any other aunt I know.  Jenna and Ashley do not act like Jessica when they are around the girls.  Jenna and Ashley don’t put up with the whining crap from Emma or the crying from Kate.  They know when to walk away and give me back the girls.

Jessica is her own Aunt breed.  She wants to see Emma and Kate so bad you would think she gave birth to them and got them taken away from her.  That’s how obsessed she is.

Jessica uses any excuse to get herself to Kansas City. This weekend is one of them.  Jessica will meet us at our parents late tonight. She will expect both girls to be awake for her arrival.  If not, she will wake them up.  I don’t have a problem with this only because she is the one that will take Emma for the weekend.  She would take Kate too if she were to take a bottle.  She will probably try and convince me to let her take Kate b/c “Kate will take a bottle from Auntie JJ”. Yeah right.

This is what their weekend will look like:

  • She will let Emma sleep with her in her old room at my parents all weekend.  Both nights.
  • They will kick Scott, her husband, out to another bed in the house so they can spread out in bed.
  • They will wake up extra early to put on makeup, do their hair, then make Scott make them breakfast.  Then they will plan their day.
  • She wants to go to the Renaissance Festival on Saturday so they can buy matching cone princess hats.
  • Jessica will drive Emma in her car.  Jessica will hold her hand the entire drive.
  • Jessica will show off her nieces to any stranger she sees.  Emma will want nothing to do with me.  Only JJ.
  • They will both cry when she goes back home on Sunday.

I’m really excited to be Emma-less this whole weekend.  Too bad Jessica can’t take Kate too.  I told Scott Jessica is coming into town this weekend.

 Oh good, we get a break from Emma.

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