The business of motherhood.

I went to the store today with Emma.  Emma was on a mission to get some doughnuts.  She was begging me in the car.  Begging me at the store.  I told her if she is good, I will get her a doughnut.

She was very good for me and I bought a few doughnuts at the bakery.  She insisted on holding to them after we paid for them.

In the car, I ask her for one.  She says no.  So I ask for half of one.  She says no.  Then I say “One bite, it will make my tummy feel better” and she says “ohhh kayyy.  Here.”

I’m always bargaining.

Eat dinner and you can have one piece of candy after.

Go to bed and we’ll see Makayla tomorrow.

I feel like I own my own company.  I am the boss and expect
good employees.  And by good, I mean no meltdowns.

Or maybe she is starting to realize she can be the  boss of me.

A few days ago, I had the Halloween candy out on the countertop.  She asked for a piece of candy.  I told her no.  Ten minutes later, I go feed Kate in her room and Emma walks in.  She has a Milky Way in her hand and a Starburst.

Mommy, here is your favorite. Milky Way.  You eat this, ok?

Egh…fine Emma…if you insist.

Ok, and I eat my favorite.  Starburst. Ok, mommy?

She got me when I was weak.  Waving a freakin’ Milky Way in my face.

I officially hid the candy.  She is getting too smart and driving hard bargains.

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