It’s my fat season.

The holidays are not a good time to start a diet. Or so they say.

That is entirely not true with me. I can handle moderation during Thanksgiving and Christmas. The food isn’t that good.

I’ll tell you what is good: Halloween. The candy, specifically.  It gets me every. single. year.

I consciously know that September is the time to look down the “seasonal items” aisle at the grocery store.  I start looking at the end of August in hopes they put it out early.

My mom would buy bags of candy when we were little.  She would make piles of each candy spread out on the dining room table.  She would make us go around the table and put 3-4 random pieces into small bags and then tape them shut. Each trick-or-treater would get a bag filled with candy, instead of “take 1, please” out of a bowl.  Our house was a hit with all the neighborhood kids.  My two sisters, brother and I lived in candy heaven every year from September to November.

My mom never discriminated types of candy.  We had super bubble gum, dum dum suckers, blowpops, mini candy bars, king size candy bars, jawbreakers, bottle caps, reeses pieces, reeses peanut butter cups mini and normal, laffy taffy, air heads, sugar babies, sugar daddys, starburst, candy corn, pixie sticks, kisses, hugs, sweet tarts, licorice, oh I could go on.  Name a candy made since 1984…I have tried it.  My mouth is watering just typing this list out.

I just got 4 bags today. Now the season officially begins.  Where did I put those maternity jeans…

2 thoughts on “It’s my fat season.

  1. >I'm the same way…I can't turn down a candy…I'm trying really hard to not buy any candy until the absolute last minute b/c I know that I will eat it ALL before Halloween even gets here!


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