I feel sorry for our neighbors.  I feel like they look at our house and think “those are the crazy, naked ones”

At least once a week, Emma will run outside naked. Or just underwear.  She is usually going outside for a reason – chasing Belle, chasing Bailey, getting the mail with me, or just running from us in our backyard.

I, myself, am guilty of running outside in not-so-decent clothes.  I have a pair of old pj shorts that are super short. Like your-butt-is-hanging-out-short. I’m sure they are from Abercrombie. I love them because they feel like big loose underwear.  I don’t intend on going anywhere in them other than around the house.  Sometimes I walk run outside in them to get the mail.  Sometimes I go to the steps of our front door and get a FedEx package.  Or sometimes I’m just hanging out in our fenced-in backyard.  For some reason, I feel like no one can see me in our backyard because of the fence, which is completely untrue.

Back to Emma – I normally don’t care if she’s just in her underwear. Today was a fight.  She wouldn’t wear underwear at all.  I put three different pairs on her and every time I went to feed Kate or put Kate to sleep, the underwear came off.  I stopped fighting Emma after four or five hours and let her stay naked because I knew Scott would deal with her when he got home from fishing.

I let our little puppy, Belle, outside in back. I sit down to nurse Kate. Ten minutes later, I hear a knock at the door.  I force Kate to stop nursing and open the door. One of the dad’s in our neighborhood is carrying Belle.  He told he thinks she belongs to our house.  He saw her running across the street and didn’t want her to get hit by a car.  I took Belle with my free hand and told him thank you.  I shut the door.  I look down. Emma is standing next to me.  Naked.  I completely forgot she was naked and I let her stand there.  Then I realized I dripped milk on my shirt b/c I didn’t fasten my nursing bra.  Great.

One saggy boob complete with a milk stain.  A puppy that ran off again.  A naked 3 year old. And I had my Abercromie shorts on.

I’m telling you. We are the naked house.

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