I have a few questions for you Nick Jr.

Over the past, oh I dunno, two years, I have gathered a list of questions for the creators of all children programming.  I like these shows as a mother, but the grown up 27-year-old in me asks the following:

Little Bill – Will you please just show this kid having a melt down like every other pre-schooler I know?  And can I see how his parents solve that problem?
Little Bear – Why is he naked?  His parents wear clothes.  His grandparents wear clothes.  But he’s always running around naked with his friends.  Why is that?
Yo Gabba Gabba – I want a drug test for the person that created this show.  I’m pretty sure they would fail. I feel like I’m back in college at 4 am on a Friday night. Geez.
Fresh Beat Band – Can I see some real talent?  They aren’t really singing, they are mouthing the words and it’s very obvious. And also, how old are these people? They have to be my age.
Sesame Street – You are always comforting to watch, even now.  But I still think watching life on Sesame Street with real people is much better than watching that other “fluff”. I don’t know, just a request, really.
Max and Ruby – And where exactly are your parents while you’re playing in your house, playing outside, playing around town?
Caillou – Stop the whining!!! Why do you insist on teaching my kids how to whine???
Dora – You know I laugh at you when you pause to wait for an answer, right?
Barney and Friends – Oh, I won’t even let my kids watch this one. I just know better.

3 thoughts on “I have a few questions for you Nick Jr.

  1. >Haha…love it! I was just thinking the same thine about Little Bear today…and I've always wondered that about Max & Ruby. Oh, and of course, Yo Gaba Gaba. LOL


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