We have animal problems.

I had to say good bye to my college pet, Toni, this weekend. No, she’s not dead.
We have Toni problems. She sort of a diva cat. She doesn’t like change.
Ever since I brought Kate home from the hospital, she decided to pee on our beds. Have you smelled cat pee? It’s the worst smell in the world. It’s not urine-y smell. It has a flare-your-nose smell. And to make it worse, she pees on our beds while we’re sleeping.  She even peed on Scott’s leg. The smell is damn near impossible to get rid of.
I made an appointment with the vet. No bladder infection, no kidney infection.  Nothing.  The vet asked me about her life in general.

Is there anything new going on in the home?

Welllll…. this baby here. And we got a puppy when I was 8 months pregnant with her. So within a month, Toni got a newborn and a puppy added to our home.

The vet put her on antidepressants. Really? For a cat? 
It worked. Until she had to come off them. She went back to peeing on our beds. This time it was  Emma’s bed.
Oh. Nuh uh!
Instead of paying for another vet bill and more antidepressants, we decided to take her to the “Animal Mental Health Ward” in Wichita, Kansas.  AKA Scott’s parents house.
I am living in a cat free house. And clean sheets.

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