I jumped the gun a little.

Oh, hey August.

I got my fall and Halloween decorations up in the house today.  Emma and I spent the entire afternoon pretending it’s halloween. Scott about crapped his pants when he came home to spider webs and fake pumpkins. My head was buried in a pumpkin spice candle.

Geez, I was just bored and halloween is my favorite. Better than Christmas.

Emma decided she wants to be Jasmine, the princess this year. Oh Gawwwdddd. I tried to avoid princess costumes since she was born. I’m not against princesses but I just know there will be 50 million other princesses. I like originality. I think I did pretty well up until Emma had a say:
  • 2006, age 5 mos. – Chiefs Cheerleader (only because Emma’s Aunt Jessica is a real one). I also ordered the big white boots like the CC’s wear. Adorable.
  • 2007, age 1 – Flamenco dancer. Like a real flamenco dress from Spain. A gift from, who else? Aunt Jessica
  • 2008, age 2 – A bride. Used her flower girl dress to be a bride. My sister, Jenna, and I were her bridesmaids. Hey, we got a second use out of old bridesmaid dresses!
  • 2009 – Jasmine. I guess. Kate will be a cat.  Not so original anymore.  My family has been calling Kate, “Kitty” as a nickname.
Trick or Treat!

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