Walgreens damn near made me a widow.

So Scott is out of town. Thousands of miles away from me in Arizona. And it could have been him not even on earth anymore. Jesus.

I call Scott on the way home from a playdate. He tells me he has poison ivy all over his legs. It was so bad, he was forced to go to a walk-in clinic to get a prescription for steroids. This is not a big deal, he gets poison ivy all the time. He hunts a lot. He should really stop his hunting habit but he doesn’t listen to me.
He explained to me that he was en route back to the clinic because there he found an error in his prescription. The doctor told Scott to take 4 pills the first day. Scott fills the prescription at Walgreens, drives back to his hotel and pops 4 pills in his mouth. He swallowed.
He glanced at the name on the bottle of pills. It was a woman’s name.  And it was medicine for high blood pressure.
The bottle read “take 1 a day”.  Scott took 4.
Not knowing what to do, Scott gets back into his rental and drives back towards the walk-in clinic. That is when I called.
Scott! Stop driving right now. CALL 911. If your blood pressure drops, you could faint and crash the car! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!
You’re scaring me! I don’t feel any different. I can make it to the clinic. I’m calling my dad.
He hangs up on me. I get frantic. Scott’s dad calls me one minute later.
Have you heard from Scott? I can get through to him.
I hang up on my father-in-law. I start calling Scott over and over. No answer. I am thinking the absolute worst. I’m yelling at Scott in my head, who’s probably in heaven and can hear me.
I started to cry, hoping Emma wouldn’t see me. For all I knew, she lost a father. I get a phone call from my mother-in-law.
I can’t get ahold of Scott. Have you talked to him?
No, he said he was going to call his dad. And I guess he did get ahold of him but then everything went dead. Oh God, he’s dead!
I can’t even sit down.

I can’t even drive!

Should we fly out to Arizona?

I get a call beeped in. I see it’s my father-in-law. I answer it.

He’s fine. Scott’s phone died and he charged his blackberry in the car but it takes awhile to charge before it starts working again. He’s back at the clinic and a team of doctors are looking at him. They determined based off how much he took, he would have to pee a lot. He will also need a prescription for potassium to protect his heart. The one odd thing they noticed was his blood pressure had risen, not lowered. I’m going to call Walgreens and give them hell.
I call Scott. He continues on from what his dad already told me.
I gave the prescription for potassium to the pharmacist. She looked terrified. I’m sure my dad already called. I gave her my original bottle so she can figure out who has my steroids. The lady opens the bottle and laughs. My steroids were in there. The bottle was labeled wrong. This explains why my blood pressure was higher because I took the right medicine.
For our “trouble” of thinking we lost a husband, father and son – Walgreens gives Scott a $20 gift card. Yeah, I know.
I’m just glad Scott didn’t hear me yelling at him in my head from earth.

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