My forgotten years.

No. Hide me!

My mom asked me to look for one of my old elementary school projects. I went through the boxes that contained my whole life. I found what she was looking for and handed it to her.

I also found a box of jr. high pictures that I was hoping was lost forever.  I tossed the box to the side.  Emma snagged the box and ran upstairs. Scott got his hands on them.

I was not a pretty girl.  I know everyone has gone through an “ugly” and/or “awkward” stage, especially around jr. high.
If you didn’t, then you are lucky. Stop talking.
I was bad.  Really bad.  I don’t even recognize myself.  Most people look back at their old pictures and laugh. Not me, I am embarrassed. I want to attack the person looking at them just to rip it out of their hands.
I was tall, gross skinny.  Frizzy hair.  Huge glasses that I wore up until the 9th grade when everyone else had contacts.  Braces.  Bad acne.  Huge awkward boobs.
Kids in jr. high are just plain evil.  There were very few people that were nice to me.  So I was very quiet and shy in fear of any attention brought on myself. I am still like this, to this day.
Scott saw these pictures and laughed. Now he knows.  He knows who he married.  I hope he forgot what he saw.  I hope it’s erased from his mind forever after he tossed them back in the box.  I am going to burn that box, I think.
I am going to get some friends together and drink bottles of wine and have a toast to forgetting the evidence of the jr. high years.

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