Teenage son free.

Scott is out of town this week and next.  It sucks not having him around to talk to. It really sucks not having his help with the girls.

But I love it when he’s gone.

  • I get a huge king size bed to myself.
  • I can have the lamp on and read a book.
  • I can watch whatever I want on TV and during commercials I can paint my toes in bed.
  • I can drink a glass of wine and maybe a tiny bit of seconds without hearing “should you be drinking that while nursing Kate?”
  • I wake up in the exact same position I went to sleep in.
  • I don’t have to hear Scott getting ready at 7 am — complete with God-forbid turning on the lights so he can match his socks.
  • I don’t have to tell anyone ugh, just pull one pant leg off and hurry up.


I don’t feel guilty at all for liking it when Scott is gone. Yeah, Scott knows about this. Scott jokingly says in the next house we’ll just get separate master bedrooms.
Jokes on him because that sound amazing.

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