Opposites Attract.

Scott and I don’t have a lot in common.
We agree on the big issues in life – like how to raise our kids, how we spend money, our humor is the same. But that is where it stops.
He loves to hunt.  I can see myself joining PETA.
His idea of the worst vacation is going to a place where they don’t speak English.  I would love to travel the world.
He loves to try new foods.  I would rather eat the same thing every day.
He loves war movies.  I love romantic comedies.
He loves chocolate.  I love vanilla.
He’s a morning person.  I am a night person.
He listens to the country stations on the radio.  I listen to the rock stations.
You get the idea.  You give us two options, we’ll choose the opposite.
We have mastered the art of compromising.  But.
There’s always a but…
the one thing that I cannot stand and will never get over is he is a complete slob.  
It’s like he never matured after the age of 12.  He will change clothes and just drop them on the floor.  There are socks under the desk of the computer.  He is perfectly fine with leaving dirty, caked on food dishes by the couch.  I don’t think he has ever cleaned the bathroom in our entire relationship.
I am a clean person.   I am not clean in the sense that I’m freaked out by dust or fingerprints on the windows.  I can live with that.  I am clean in the sense that I have to have things labeled, in order, in neat piles.   I need things picked up and put away.  And vacuumed. One of my favorite noises is the vacuum sucking up something little and hard.
Do opposites really attract? Opposites get nagged at. I think I might test Scott, maybe not pick up his stuff anymore and see if he notices.  How long will it take him before he actually picks up his clothes?  2 weeks? A month? The rest of the summer season? 10  years later?
I think picking up after yourself should just be a polite thing to do.
Nagging rant over and out.

3 thoughts on “Opposites Attract.

  1. >I have the exact same issue!!! I don't understand…I've even put a hamper just for Ryan right next to his side of the bed and clothes still end up on the floor right next to the hamper! I've tried your idea of just leaving it, but trust me, you'll give in before he even thinks about it! 🙂


  2. >This may sound terrible, divorce sucks and it is hard but I have yet to miss picking up balled up socks everywhere, dishes off the couch, underwear in the bathroom etc. Don't get divorced but maybe just threaten him a bit! Haha, kidding!


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