Little Earthquakes.

by Jennifer Weiner

I give it 5 stars.
It’s reminds me of Sex and the City but with 4 married moms instead of 4 single women.
I love anything by Jennifer Weiner. I am reading her books backwards. I started with her most recent and liked it so kept reading all her books. She knows how to exactly write about being a mom. She writes everything in a funny way that makes you think “oh good, I’m not the only mom that doesn’t take a shower until its absolutely necessary.”
The general theme with this book is how each of these women have changed after having their first born. We learn about each woman’s relationship with their own mothers or mother-in-laws. They each mature just a little bit at the end of the book.
I think after having a child, it is natural to look at our own parents and can see what it was like it their shoes. I wonder how in the world my parents handled 4 kids.
Oh, and there we go. Kate is awake from her nap! Wrapping this post up nicely.

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