Scott will be 28 on Saturday.

I have a tendency to make a big deal out of my birthday (hello, birthday week) and sort of throw Scott a card on his birthday. But I really think that’s how he likes it.

I can’t really surprise Scott.  He is a man who never asks for anything.  If anything, he will request a gift card so he can pick it out himself. So I asked him last night if there is anything he really wants. He told me not to get him anything because we’re tight on money from the hospital bills.
Now what? I could have Emma and Kate color him a birthday card. I guess I could make him “fishing/hunting coupons” – good for one day of fishing without me bitching.
Meh. He’ll probably just get a card thrown in his lap.

One thought on “Birthdays.

  1. >how bout more coupons, "good lovin'" etc, lol! Just give him a special day, make him his favorite food and no arguing or telling him to do anything (not that you ever do that!) A cute framed picture of your girls in a frame you decorate with them? Anything else I can think of is adult content, so….


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