I’m a little sad.

Mommy, my best friend is daddy. No, not you mommy, just daddy. He’s my best friend. I love him. — Emma.

Stop it. Oh, my heart.

We put the girls to bed for the night. Emma went to bed easily then I put Kate in her crib for the night. Kate woke up 20 minutes later.

Scott offered to rock Kate for me while I finished picking up the mess in the playroom. The crying did not stop. I hear her mobile turn on and Scott comes downstairs. Kate is still screaming.

I give up. That girl hates me. She wants nothing to do with me rocking her.

Emma woke up from Kate’s screams that she hated her father.

Daddy! Daddy!

What? Daddy? She has never yelled for daddy! Ever. Emma and I are best buds. What happened?!

I know. It’s probably just a phase probably brought on by Kate’s arrival. Probably. Kate is sound asleep on my chest as I type this.

I hope these girls don’t play favorites forever.

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