The 6 week wall.

I will try not to use posts as a form of complaining.
This is an exception, damnit.

Kate will turn 6 weeks this week. You know what that means –  I got slammed headfirst into the 6 week wall.

I desperately tried to get her to go to sleep last night but she refused. I nursed. She’d fall asleep.  I pat her back to burp her. She never burped. I laid her down in the crib.  10 min later – burp. Spit up. Cry.  Nurse her again….
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
I broke down and started crying.  I begged Scott to her to sleep so I wouldn’t have to nurse her.  Like that worked.  Kate was so mad, she threw punches at Scott’s face with her baby fists.
Kate’s crying woke up Emma. I took Kate. Scott took Emma. I cried myself to sleep.
I remember telling Emma at 6 weeks, “I can’t wait until you’re 1”.  Now I find myself telling Kate the same thing.

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