Another ebola post.

20 Oct

I’m a big believer in “if it’s my time to die, it’s my time to die.”

If my plane goes down, I guess I’ll go holding hands with a stranger.

If I get whacked in the head with a foul ball because I was paying more attention to my nachos, well, at least my last meal was beer and nachos.

If I get ebola, they’ll still let me have my laptop in the hospital room, right? I can live tweet my own death.

Ebola. Yes, it’s scary. No, I’m not worried about catching it.

Just like I wasn’t worried about the bird flu, swine flu or H1N1. Are any of those the same thing? I will say I was rooting for Y2K to blow up the computers. I was a senior in high school and wanted out early.

But I do worry.

There are worse things to worry about in life than ebola:

  • Cracking a tooth on frozen Halloween candy because I have no damn self control.
  • San Francisco Giants fans.
Losing my Oklahoma friend, Carmen, after KSU beat Oklahoma this weekend.

Losing my Oklahoma friend, Carmen, after KSU beat Oklahoma this weekend.

  • We are 2.5 years away from re-living middle school.
  • Scott leaving his house for a tree stand when his daughters start wearing bras.
  • Wrinkles and saggy boobs.
Scott baking with the kids in the kitchen.

Scott baking with the kids in the kitchen.

  • Facebook, in general.
Having nights like this.

Having nights that end like this.

  • “Mom, will you check my butt to see if I wiped good?”
"Hey Emma, take a picture next to the camera guy and tell Nana that you're helping film the Royals!"

“Hey Emma, take a picture next to the camera guy and tell Nana you’re helping film the Royals!”

Really dude?

People not doing their job.

  • Never having the amount of money Pinterest thinks I have.
Avoiding eye contact while using this machine at the gym.

Avoiding eye contact while using this machine at the gym.

  • Wondering if my blog is shit.
  • Wondering if I am shit.
3rd grade math. I don't get it.

3rd grade math – I don’t get it.

On a scale of 1 - 10, how likely is Scott going to murder me for sneaking this picture of a child ghost into his trail cam picture files?

On a scale of 1 – 10, how likely is Scott going to murder me for sneaking this picture of a child ghost into his trail cam picture files?

  • Waking up to an Oklahoma flag flying on my house.
  • Having matches on hand.
Getting caught stalking this guy so I could get a good picture to send my friends with caption - "my vag hurts."

Getting caught stalking this guy so I could get a picture to send my friends with caption – “my vag hurts. LOL.”

  • Wondering if my friends traveling back from South Africa will understand our concern when they come home to a plastic-wrapped house with caution tape all over.


Are you worried about ebola? Did you worry about other mass epidemics? What do you worry about for no good reason? 


The selfish post.

13 Oct

I was left with a mind-boggling question. I still don’t know the answer to it.

It is confirmed that I’m the lamest person on earth.

This question was brought to Scott and me by our good friends, Danny and Christine.

Danny and Christine are somewhere over the Atlantic right now. They have 15 hours left on a plane since their last text message was sent to us around dinner time.

This picture will post before they even land. I hope I have their permission.

This picture will post Monday morning before they even land. I hope I have their permission.


They are flying to Johannesburg, South Africa. They are going on an African hunt trip. I told you we are good friends. What’s that saying? Birds of feather, flock together? Yeah, Scott wishes he was flocking with them on their 18 hour flight right now. Danny has his eyes on a baboon. Christine has her eyes on…well, I don’t know what Christine is doing there but I hope she takes a selfie with a lion.

One of our last conversations before they left -

“What would you do if you won the lottery? Not a few thousand dollars, but billions. Let’s say money is no longer a worry for you. You set aside money for the kids to live well. You set aside money for your families. How would you spoil yourself?”

I gave them a blank look.

Me: Oh. Um. Well, I have a laptop to write. I have books to read. I don’t have any other hobbies. Oh my gosh, who am I? Maybe start a publishing company?

Danny: You need a publisher? I know one.

Me: Oh! What? Well, really? That still doesn’t answer the question. Ummm…

I’ve been racking my brain. Am I human? Am I boring? Am I happy? Let me tell you, there has been some soul searching going on this weekend. I asked Scott again. Maybe he will find my answer.

Me: What did you say to Christine and Danny’s question? Buy hunting land?

Scott: I would buy hunting land in Kansas or Iowa as an investment.

Me: Investment?

Scott: And hunting purposes.

Me: If money didn’t matter, why would you need the investment?

Scott: The statistics show most lotto winners go bankrupt. I would have to prepare for that and make an investment. I would also buy you a house in the Keys.

Me: No, buying me a house is not a selfish reason. I’m talking about YOU. How would you spend money on just you.

Scott: Oh, ok. Hold on. Let me think…

Me: Really?

Scott: What? Is this a trick question?

Me: Nope. Go ahead.

Scott: I would start my own business of some sort.

Me: Money doesn’t matter! You would go back to work?

Scott: I would get bored. Maybe I would open a sports bar in Aggieville.

Me: Do you want your daughters going to K-State when their dad owns a bar in Aggieville?

Scott: Hm, yeah that might end bad. I would get a new truck, all jacked up. I know! I would make a sick hunting lodge for all my friends to use. I would build one in Kansas, Iowa, Florida, New Mexico. I would buy up elk tags too.

Me: (rolling my eyes)

Scott: This is a trick question. What do you want me to get you?

Me: I don’t know!  That’s what I’m trying to think of. Fishing boat?

Scott: Our friends have those. Why buy our own?

Me: To have our own crew? Hire a captain.

Scott: Nah, we can just bum off our friends.

Me: Hm. I’m out of ideas for me.

Scott: I would also get a motorcycle. And a boat.

Me: I just asked you if you would buy a boat!

Scott: No, like a lake fishing boat.

Me: Oh. Fresh water? Really? I’ll go fish in the Dominican with our friends while you sit on a lake in Kansas.

Scott: My house would have a 4 car garage and a tandem garage to the side.

Me: Whoa! You are just radiating testosterone right now, I think I’m growing a penis just sitting next to you.

Scott: I’d like to be a farmer.

Me: You mean to tell me if you were a billionaire, you would purchase land so you can farm it?

Scott: (laughing) You know, just have fun with a tractor on farm land.

Me: What? You would be a pretend farmer?

Scott: (laughing) This is a hard question!

Me: Well, I don’t know. You have quite the man-list here.

Scott: I told you! I would buy you a house in the Keys for you and all your girlfriends to hang out.

Me: Yeah, a house in the Keys would be cool but apparently I am already getting that from you. I would need a boat to fish from, nothing fancy. What is wrong with me? I don’t know how to spoil myself? I hate shopping. I do like to travel but buying a private jet is out because if a jet is going down, it’s always the small private jets. Nope.

Scott: You have serious problems.

Me: Wait, I got it! I would buy tickets to the Super Bowl every year. And every K-State game. College Football Championship tickets. Oh! And the World Series! There! There’s my answer – front row seats to every major sporting event. That’s how I would spoil myself. That’s a good answer, right? We would have fun!

Scott: You do know the Royals won’t play in every World Series.

Me: Yes, I know that, Scott. But I would still wear my Royals gear.

Scott: And my wife grew a penis.

Me: Take a selfie with a lion?

Scott: Oh, she’s back.


Your turn! How would you spoil yourself if you won billions of dollars? Be selfish. What are your hobbies? Would you still invest money if you didn’t have to worry about money anymore? If you had to fish with one of us – would you pick marlin fishing with me or bass fishing with Scott? 



7 Oct

Scott: Wake up! Why do you keep falling asleep!

Me: Huh. What. Did they win?


Me: What happened.

Scott: Royals won. Go back to sleep.

Me: Ok, good. Good night.



Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” was released.

Back to the Future was showing in theaters.

Growing Pains and The Golden Girls made their TV debut.

Microsoft introduced Windows 1.0.

The Nintendo Entertainment System appeared on shelves in the U.S.

The Titanic was found on the bottom of the Atlantic.

My mom was pregnant with my brother.

I was 4 years old.

My sister had a case of the terrible twos.

My other sister didn’t exist. She was like the picture of Marty McFly’s sister on Back to the Future.

1985 was the last year the Kansas City Royals were in the playoffs.

In 1985, the Kansas City Royals won the World Series. They defeated the St. Louis Cardinals.

I don’t remember any of it.

Childhood amnesia blocked out the years 1981-1985. The only thing I remember about my life is in photographs. I don’t remember feeling my mom’s stomach kick. I don’t remember my sister’s terrible two meltdowns. I don’t remember moving into a new house that year. I don’t remember standing in a crowd of legs at the Royals World Series parade in Kansas City. I don’t remember blue confetti falling in my dark hair. I don’t remember.

But if I open the window on a cool fall night and turn the baseball announcers’ voices on low volume, I can relax. If I lay my head in a lap and that person runs their fingers through my hair – I will fall asleep. It’s like a drug.

The only thing missing is the pregnant belly near my head but everything else is the same.

That I do remember.


Are you just as shocked that the Kansas City Royals are in the playoffs? Do you think they will make it to the World Series? What is one of your earliest childhood memories involving professional sports? Does anyone have Royals tickets Scott and I can buy from you? I promise I won’t fall asleep at a live game.



Oh Emma, Oh Kate.

29 Sep

Kate: What does the inside of your butt look like?


In the car.

Emma: Can I have your phone?

Me: No, I need it for directions.

Kate: But we’re bored.

Me: Look outside! Look at all the sunflowers over there.

Kate: Ugh. That’s boring.


Kate: I drew you, mommy!

Me: You did? Let me see.

Kate: You got those big boobies.

Kate: You got those big boobies.


I was picking up toilet paper scraps off the floor in the bathroom. Kate walks in.

Kate: HA! You’re touching my poop.


Kate: What is your favorite kind of baby?

Me: I don’t understand your question.

Kate: Like mine is myself.


Kate: Look at the bird outside!

Me: Hold on for a second. I’m finishing up some work. What color is it?

Kate: Uh, NOT a boy.


I was getting out my Halloween decorations.

Kate: Hey, can I go play with that dead man over there?

Me: (laughing) Yeah.

Kate: His bones feel like real dead bones.


Kate brings me a thermometer.

Kate: Check to see how I’m feeling today.


Me: Hey Kate, will you bring me my phone?

Kate: No. I’m playing with it.

Me: Real quick then I’ll give it back to you.

Kate: Ugh. Fine. Text Christine something then give me your phone back.


We took care of our neighbor’s dog for a weekend. His name is Jack. Jack and Kate walked into my closet as I was getting dressed.

Me: Hey Kate.

Kate: Uh, Jack is looking at you naked.

Me: Dogs don’t care about seeing anyone naked.

Kate: Maybe dogs laugh in their head.


Scott was leaving for work. I woke up to him giving me a kiss on the lips. Kate sits up in our bed. (I didn’t know she climbed in bed with me)

Kate: SICK.


Scott: Would you rather… smell the world’s stinkiest fart or go to school one hour earlier every day?

Emma: Depends whose fart.


I was reading Kate’s midterm.

Me: WHAT? Kate! You can’t count to 20?

Kate: …..

Me: Let’s count to 20. 1…2…3

Kate: 1. And I just want to count to 1.


Kate: What if someone peed their pants? That would be bad, right?

Me: Well, they would have to change their underwear.

Kate: Yeah. And their splatter.

Me: (look at her)

Kate: (eyes get big)


Me: KATE! Where are you?

Kate: I’m in the bathroom! I’m taking a long time because I have my iPod with me like you do!


Kate: Did K-State win last night?

Me: No.



I cleaned the girls bathroom.

Me: There. Done. Now keep it clean, ok?

Kate: You mean, instead of dirty?


I was helping Kate write out a sentence for homework.

Me: And then you add a period at the end. It’s a dot.

Kate: I know. It means stop talking.


Me: What specials did you have at school today?

Kate: Uh, the one where everyone starts talking in Spanish. I don’t like that one. I don’t understand what’s going on.


Scott: Tomorrow is Saturday! Time to relax, girls!

Kate: Uh, that’s boring.


Me: Go to bed, Kate. You look tired.

Kate: I’m not tired.

Me: Your eyes are all red!

Kate: I’m just mad at daddy.


Kate had a friend over. Kate was showing her friend pictures of herself when she was a baby.

Friend: You look like a boy!

Kate: Uh, I am NOT a boy.


Special Edition: Oh Kids.


Kid: (yelling from a bathroom) MOM! Can you come here? And bring a plastic bag!


Mom: What did you learn at church tonight?

Kid: Nothing.

Mom: Nothing?!

Kid: Well it’s just the same stuff. Jesus and whatever.


Kid: Did it look gross in your tummy when I was growing in there?


Kid: Mom, is ass end a real thing?

Mom: Asset? Sure, that’s a real word.

Kid: No. ASS END. Is ASS end a real thing?

Mom: Well, where did you hear this word?

Kid: You know, the ring-a-round-a-rosy song.



Mom: Watch the TV. The K-State game is starting.

The K-State preshow of a train going through Manhattan appears on the TV.

Mom: You’re going to go to school there one day!

Kid: Am I going to get there by a train?


Kid (playing on the floor with toys): Mom. Sometimes I think I’m a genius.


Is your kid hilarious? Of course, they are!

If you have any kid sayings that you would like to see here, please email me at:

Your child’s name will be kept anonymous.


The more you know.

24 Sep

This isn’t a planned post.

I love it when life sends me a blog-worthy jewel to share.

You guys, I cannot even make this up.

Scott and I lead separate lives during the fall. He hunts. And I mindlessly escape from life on Pinterest: the humor section. It’s the land of my people.

A pin goes through my feed. Pinned by my friend, Carmen -


Hmm. I don’t get it. I should ask Carmen what this means. 

Comment by Amanda: Bahahaha. That’s hilarious.

Comment by Carmen: I know, right?! Can’t stop laughing.

Doesn’t matter, had sex. Doesn’t matter. Had sex. How is this funny? Well, now I have to ask. 

Comment by me: I don’t get it? Am I dumb?

Comment by Carmen: She bit his head off … that’s what a female praying mantis does after or during sex … typical male … “doesn’t matter. Had sex.”

Comment by me: Ohhhhh! Ok, I get it now. I didn’t know the females did that. Hahahaha.



12 hours later.

Text message from Scott:

I got bit by this.

I just got bit by this.


Welcome back to Bug Bytes, Scott.



What the…

22 Sep

Kate: What the?

Me: Kate. Stop saying “what the.”

Kate: What the?

Me: Do you say that in school?

Kate: No.

Me: Then stop saying it here.

Kate: What the?

Me: Stop!

Kate: Daddy’s not here! (jumps) What the! What the! What the!

Me: Go to your room.

Kate goes to her room for about 15 minutes.

Me: Ok, Kate. You can come down.

Kate walks back down the stairs and steps on a toy.

Kate: Ow! What the?

Me: KATE. You CANNOT say that.

Kate: Why can’t I say that?

Me: It doesn’t sound very nice.

Emma: But they’re not bad words, right mom? Why can’t she say that?

Me: You’re right. They’re not bad words. But she is implying that she’s going to finish with a bad word.

Emma: Maybe she was going to say “what the heck.”

Me: Yes, maybe. But she needs to finish the sentence with “what the heck.” And even then, that’s still not a very nice thing for a 5 year old to say. Kate, where did you learn “what the” from?

Kate looks up from playing her toys.

Kate: What the?

Me: Oh my God.

Emma: Mom, you can’t say “oh my God.” You should say “oh my gosh.”

Me: Kate, who says “what the?”

Kate: I made it up.

Me: No, you didn’t.

Kate: Mom! You need to listen to Emma! You can’t say “oh my God.” You’re not saying very nice things either!

Me: What thhhhh. Oh.


The pictures on the walls.

15 Sep

Something is missing from my home.

Pottery Barn furniture. Pinterest worthy decor. Nice things. Yeah, those all are missing. But that’s not what I’m talking about.

It’s pictures of my kids.

Emma’s brand new wrinkly forehead cupped in Scott’s hands. Kate’s toothless smile with drool all over her chin. A blurry curly-haired toddler running in a field. A little girl’s foot slipping into her mommy’s red high heels. No, you won’t find any of those pictures displayed in the house.

You see, my kids age in the frames on the walls. I switch the pictures out every year. The kids you see displayed are the kids you see running down the stairs to greet you. Or the kids you see riding their bikes around the neighborhood.

Those kids are sitting across from me as I type. They are doing their homework. It’s a Sunday night. We’re huge procrastinators. They have no idea I’m taking peeks at their sweet faces from behind the computer screen. Oh, now they’re fighting. I’m staring at the words coming out of their mouths. Stop it.

I don’t see the change. All I see is mine. They are the same faces that were placed in my arms 5 and 8 years ago. Well, they have teeth now. Teeth that come with bad morning breath. Their legs are longer. So are their fingers. Emma wore my flip flops today. They smell like my coconut soap after a bath instead of Johnson’s lavender sleepy time soap. The baths will probably change into showers soon. And Kate told Scott she wanted big boobies before breakfast.

But this.



I miss those babies. They disappeared. They should be on a milk carton. I don’t like looking at milk carton babies on the walls of my home.

Yeah, I know. They are right here in front me fighting about whose homework is easier. It’s Kate’s. She’s younger. Stop it. 

And no, I don’t want another one. This is not a “I want another baby” post because oh I still see that picture of breast milk leaking through my dress at Scott’s best friend’s wedding. Nope. Done. 

I just miss those two.

But we have these two.


And in 10 years these two will be milk carton kids too. Kate will probably have her big boobies. And Scott will still have that look on his face.


Do you display recent pictures of your kids? Or do you leave them little milk carton babies? Do you still have pictures displayed from another time? Do you try to live in the moment?



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